Maubin Industrial Zone Project (250 Acres)

Maubin Industrial Park is a huge investment project with total land area of 283.41 acres which is located at the Ayeyarwady region, Maubin District near Nyaung Wine and Pa Ta Put Village. This project is organized by Maubin United Development Co.,Ltd which is invested by Southern Metal Industry Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Yangdon Investment and Development Co., Ltd (from Shanghai, China) and Maubin Development Public Co., Ltd (from Maubin). This project was commenced at February 2016 and planned to terminate at 2019.

Riverfront Garden Project

SMI’s largest Real Estate City complex project (Smart Home System High-Rise Building) in cooperation with Toener International (Hong Kong) Investment Group Limited as SMI Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Riverfront Garden Project total planning area of 31 Acres, is located along Hlaing river between Aung Zaya suspension bridge and Bayint Naung bridge, nearby FMI City in Hlaing Thar Yar Township, economic core area and highly anticipated city center in Yangon.





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