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About Us

Southern Metals lndustry Co., Ltd was perform steel construction engineering established in 1996. Relying on the good economy situation since the reform and opening policy of Myanmar, the company has developed greatly with spirits of devotion, contribution and innovation. In 1996, it established a modern steel construction production base at Hlaing Thar Yar industrial zone. The base of two factories which covers an area of 108,300 Sqft factory with 4 production lines and the other area of 141,800 Sqft factory with 7 production lines which are the most advanced steel structure factory in Myanmar at the present. Therefore the company has the capacity of producing Light, Weight steel structures and Non-standardized equipments, ranks in the front of the industry of Myanmar steel construction.

The company has invested a lot for advanced production equipments and strong technical ability, so it has integrated design, manufacture and installation into a complete service chain. After 20 years of continuous strive and the efforts of all staffs, the company has introduced lots of new technologies and modern management models, thus it has received the certification of ISO9001-2008 international quality management system, which is the first one in Myanmar steel construction industry.

Relying on the technologies from famous specialists and research institutes, the company has more than 50 senior engineers, 5 grade one registered architects and more than five hundred of technical and construction employees. The whole technical team and staffs are professional and stable.

All for clients is the principle of Southern Metals Industry (SMI Company). The core of the company is to optimize research, raise production efficiency, control the production cost and concern client’s requirements. The company always concentrates on safe production, project’s quality and project’s construction period. Therefore, Southern Metals Industry has received supports and patronage from majority of people in the society. It has greatly increased its competitiveness and market share. Nowadays it is in the leading role of Myanmar Steel Construction Industry with its new situation and great development.

Over the years, the company has extended its engineering projects and products supply over the country. Its good credibility, high quality engineering and service are widely praised by many sectors of the society.
In the future, the development goal of Southern Metals Industry is to become the top enterprise in Myanmar.
Welcome to visit and guide us at the Southern Metals Industry and we are looking forward to cooperate with you and create brilliant together.
Southern Metals Industry will always be the reliable and faithful friend of all sectors of the society.


南方金属股份有限公司始建于1996 年,公司依托我国改革开放以来大好的经济行势,敬业奉献,锐意创新,从无到有,从弱到强,不断发展状大,于1996 年开始在莱达亚工业园区迪百英窝涛吾灭大道,建成了现代化钢结构生产基地。两个基地,其中占地108,300 平方英尺 的车间有4 条生产线 以及 占地 141,800平方英尺的车间有 7 条生产线 。具有生产轻,重型钢结构,非标设备等生产能力,是目前缅甸钢结构行业中名列前茅之佼佼者。

公司投资规模巨大,生产设备先进,技术能力雄厚,集设计,制造,安装为一体,经历了20余年的不懈奋斗 ,在公司全体同仁共同努力下,不断引进新技术,新工艺,采用科学的现代化管理模式,在缅甸钢结构生产行业中率先通过了 ISO9001-2008 国际质量管理体系认证。

公司以业内知名的钢结构专家和技术院作为强大的技术后盾,不断吸纳钢结构精英人才,现有高级职称人员 50 余人 ,一级注册建造师5 人,技術及施工队伍共500 多人, 整個團隊专业且稳定。

客户至上是南方金属股份有限公司的基本原则,优化研发,提高效率,控制成本,关注客户需求為公司核心。公司一贯把安全生产,工程质量,确保工期放在首位。遵循这些理念,南方金属股份有限公司获得了社会各届有识之士的大力支持和认同, 竞争力不断提升,市场占有率不断拓展,公司正以日新月异的崭新面貌展现在缅甸钢结构工程行业的前列。

多年以来,公司的工程项目,产品供应遍布全國各地,良好的信誉,上乘的工程品质 以及优质的服务质量,赢得了社会各界的广泛赞誉。


南方金属股份有限公司热忱欢迎您的蒞临 考察及指导,期待與您合作,共创辉煌!

SMI Mission Statement

  • Deliver modernized building technology to the country.
  • Total quality assurance to our valuable customers.
  • Shortest possible time frame to uplift Myanmar industrial level.

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No. (71~75), Coner of Pyin Si Min Thar Gyi Road and Min Gyi Mahar Min Khaung Road,
Industrial Zone (4), Hlaing Thar Yar Township,
Yangon, Myanmar.

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